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Life of Hjulius växer på Instagram

Life of Hjulius, projektnamnet för Familjebuss-ägandet på Instagram, växte stadigt under juli 2018. En blygsam inledning utvecklades i slutet av sommaren till ett smalt profilerat konto med 100+ följare för de med intresse för ”van life”, livsstilen att leva ut lusten att spendera mycket tid i en husbil.

Hjulius är namnet på den Volkswagen Caravelle VR6 i undertecknads ägo sen november 2017. En bil med i skrivande stund knappt 18 år på vägen. Hjulius-namnet kommer från TV-serien Daniel Tiger, populär hos små barn.

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SUV Review of 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML 350 CDI BlueTEC

Mercedes M-class has in this and its previous generation evolved to SUVs worthy of their name. The first M-Class that I had a chance to drive was the ML 430. This was in late 2007 and the car was great fun. However the interior build quality was poor, as something out of South Korea and it was a mixture of very old and new Mercedes-Benz design elements both inside and outside. This ML 350 CDI is something different. It has a smooth exterior design and the interior is just as stylish.

Mercedes ML is easy to drive – The tested SUV had air suspension, where comfort was incredibly nice. It rocked like an old American car and was quite unlike the experience with the sport mode of the suspension.

The latter is preferable if you drive on curvy road, comfort, location ML generates namely body movement that requires a practiced hand to master when the road turns sharply.

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SUV Review of 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLA 220 CDI

The GLA is Mercedes-Benz’s smallest SUV, a mini-SUV/crossover that I had a chance to test drive in early August 2014. This small crossover is a luxury car buyer´s choice if you want something different than a BMW X1 or the Audi Q3.

Mercedes market this as an SUV but we all know that this kind of car will probably never be driven beyond paved roads. However, if you decide to take this car offroad or drive it in harsh conditions be assured that it will be able to cope. At least as long as you equip it with the offroad package rather than the stylish AMG wheels and spoilers. Popular Mechanics wrote in mid-February 2014 that the Mercedes GLA is The Unexpected Offroader and that is so true.

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